The Smart Start UP Romania final has revealed projects and entrepreneurs with great potential. Of the 47 projects that entered into the competition, 29 were declared finalists, and were subsequently presented in front of a jury with relevant business experience from Eduard Dumitrascu – President of the Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility, Prof. Dr. Răzvan Rughiniş – University POLITEHNICA from Bucharest, Gabriel Mutu – Mayor of Sector 6, Tatian Diaconu – IMOCHAN Romania CEO, Gabriel Tomescu – CEO of BMF Grup, Francesco D’Ambrosio – CEO EasyLumen and Sarolta Besenyei – European Commission Expert.

The best finalist projects were admitted to the mentoring stage with the jury as follows:


Urban Gardener of the young Stelian Mustea caught the attention of the 6 District City Hall representatives;

Bee Woop of Mr. Lungu Dan is developing alongside Mr. Francesco D’Ambrosio;

The R & D and Production Lab for Wearable Biomedical Tech project of Mr. Lungu Alexandru Valentin also grows under the guidance of Mr. Francesco D’Ambrosio;

Electric Truck proposed by Iliescu Mihail Alin has the support of Mr. Gabriel Tomescu;

CleanUP proposed by Mr. Mihail Alexandru and InstaHouse presented by Mr. Moroianu George benefit from the experience and know-how of Mr. Gabriel Tomescu;

iStudy proposed by Mădălina Gheţu will join the projects from the mentoring stage with the support of Mr. Tatian Diaconu.


The success of Stage I of Smart Start UP Romania encourages us to continue this project. Follow the www.smartstartup.info, www.upb.ro, and www.antreprenoriat.pub.ro websites to find out about Stage II.