Did you know 52% of Romanian students want to start their own business in the next two years? Or that 57% of students would prefer to live a little more thrilling than a manager in a company and would prefer to be entrepreneurs. That’s why the UPBizz Entrepreneurship Center meets your entrepreneurial enthusiasm through a complete information and training program at the end of which you’ll be ready to take your first steps in entrepreneurship.

Who? The aforementioned statistics, as well as the enthusiasm of the Romanian students, have led POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest to start an entrepreneurial program dedicated to students who want to start on the path of entrepreneurship. This is how the CNFIS-FDI 2017-0128 project “Create Your Future! Be an Entrepreneur! “. Implemented through the Entrepreneurship Center, in partnership with the Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility, the project aims at the thorough preparation of students through a full program that integrates all the information and know-how necessary for a young entrepreneur.

When? At the end of September, an awareness campaign will be launched seeking to inform 300 students from UPB faculties. Through the campaign, students will receive information about the project, but also about entrepreneurship. Useful statistics, ideas, and tips – you’ll have them all at hand so use them wisely!

How? Once the awareness campaign is completed, we are going to a new stage: the entrepreneurial training program. Developed by UPB and ARSCM, the programme focuses on the practical and applicable part of entrepreneurship. The 5 workshops will bring you face to face with committed entrepreneurs, as well as with specialists in areas related to entrepreneurship such as marketing, management, or leadership. You will, therefore, learn to give a well-defined identity to your business, to promote it online, and to sell as efficiently as possible the products or services offered by your start-up.

The second part of the project brings with it the beginning of the mentoring sessions dedicated to the students. No start is easy, especially in entrepreneurship. We have decided to come to your aid by co-opting 5 mentors within the university. They will help you with tips, ideas and customized feedback tailored to your start-up. So take advantage of the mentors’ experience to optimize your business and make good business decisions.

Why? At the risk of repeating, we place great emphasis on the practical side and not just the theory. Therefore, we challenge you to a business idea with a double chance of winning. The competition will take place in two distinct stages and will fully test your entrepreneurial skills. In the first stage, competitors will register their business plans in a fairly balanced and transparent competition by the management team and mentors involved in the project. The best three business ideas will earn 1000 each.

The second stage gives you the opportunity to present your ideas to the jury of reunified investors for the second part of the Smart Start-Up contest organized by the ARSCM partner as part of the project.